Thursday, February 10, 2011

Plasma arc waste disposal

Plasma arc waste disposal (Wiki)

Since 2008,  Plasco Energy Group has disposed of 85 tons of waste each day in a demonstration project in Ottawa, through a largely pollution free process called "plasma arc gasification" .  If the demonstration is successful, the facility will be expanded to  process 400 tons per day which represents about 25 % of the daily waste produced in this city- over one million tons of waste per year. This is accomplished by heating the waste created by an electrical arc to an extremely high temperature (approximately 4,000 degrees C). The benefits include:
  • the diversion of waste from the city's existing landfills which otherwise would be filled to capacity in a matter of 10 or 15 years,
  • the clean way that the waste is processed,  the only byproduct being a small amount of solid non toxic residue, along with CO2 and water, and
  • the production of hydroelectricity which would provide power to 3,600 homes (at the 85 ton/day rate)

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