Friday, February 11, 2011

Economic valuation of transport-related health effects Review

Economic valuation of transport-related health effects Review of methods and development of practical approaches, with a special focus on children (151 page pdf, WHO, 2008)

- significant and comprehensive review from European point of view of the health impacts (both morbidity or illness and mortality) from transportation from road accidents, air pollution and noise with a special look at the impact on children and contributing issues, such as obesity and physical exercise. This is backed up with an extensive and up to date list of references that fill 10 pages

- the main value is the degree of confidence one can put on such health impacts, be they deaths or illness and children or adults, and what type of impact, be it cardiac or respiratory and what sort of exposure to the health threat - and what is the evidence available from the research to date

- this is a product of THE PEP (Transport  Health Education- Pan-European Programme) which also has a "toolkit"

THE PEP- Tools & projects

-  includes a guide to "provide better insight into environmental, social, care-related lifestyle factors that can impact the health of the affected citizens"

Online guide to health in spatial planning

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