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Exposure of Population to Air Pollution Near Major Roads in Europe

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Development of a methodology to assess population exposed to high levels of noise and air pollution close to major transport infrastructure (131 page pdf, European Commission-Entec UK Ltd, April 2006)

This key report from the European Commission examined various methods for estimating population exposure to air and noise pollution near roads, airports and railways.

Key Quotes:

“Assess the relevant information available in EU Member States on transport infrastructures and activities as well as evaluations of population at risk, due to population living close to transport infrastructure.. Major transport infrastructures have been defined as roads with more than 3 million vehicles per year..” < 3 M veh/yr is equivalent to 8,219 veh/day or 342 veh/hour>

“ stages to be completed to assess population exposure:
  • Define what is a “major” transport infrastructure
  • Locate “major” transport infrastructures within spatial area of interest based on definition
  • Define criteria for high levels of air and noise pollution from transport infrastructures
  • Identify areas of high levels of air and noise pollution in the vicinity of major transport infrastructures
  • Identify population exposed within area of high levels of air and noise pollution”
“the results show that in the EU25 Member States approximately 29% of the population live within 500 metres of a major road”

“For exposure to high levels of noise and air pollution the results suggest that .. population exposed to >1% of the NO2 limit value ..7.2% due to emissions from roads”

“By assuming that all population living within 10-20 metres of a major road (and possibly railway) is exposed to high levels of noise and air pollution should give a more accurate estimate of the overall exposure of the population, particularly with respect to urban areas where overall exposure is currently underestimated by using a European high level approach.”
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