Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Most Sustainable Sport in the World?

Did you know that FIFA has a programme within its organisation called Green Goal? (Sarah Goes Soccer: A grey shade of green, May 18, 2010)
Green Goal (City of Cape Town, South Africa)
The Great Health Benefits of Soccer (My Fit Tribe, Sept. 25, 2007)
Also discussed here: A Passion for Soccer and the Environment (NY Times, June 18, 2007)
And here: Children and the Soccer Environment (Fundamental Soccer)

Soccer is arguably one of the world’s most environmentally benign/friendly sports if one considers its impact on the environment and the contributions it makes to a healthy society in terms of infrastructure and openness to participation at all levels. This perhaps explains the extent of its popularity world-wide, as well as the ability of relatively small nations to compete on an even playing field (or pitch) with those with much larger populations or wealth. Where else would a team from Serbia beat one from Germany or where the USA team has to struggle to tie Slovenia or a competition where Russia and China (and Canada to my regret) are absent.

Soccer as an activity, engaged in by the public at all levels, is also becoming a factor in determining a higher quality of life for communities and cities where historically it has been less popular in the past in offering a use for urban parks without many of the environmental impacts and costs associated with major sports.

The upcoming finals may be followed by one of the best schedulers available on the internet World Cup Schedule Wheel (French News online)

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