Friday, February 11, 2011


The Apheis project: Air Pollution and Health—A European Information System (14 page pdf, Air Qual Atmos Health, 2009)

Key Quotes:

"Apheis project.. has tracked the effects of air pollution on health in 26 European cities and continues to do so as the new Aphekom project."

"roughly 40,000 people were dying every year from the effects of air pollution in three European countries alone, costing them some €50 billion annually"

"The Apheis public health surveillance system specifically:
  • quantified the effects of air pollution on public health at the local and European levels;
  • assessed the importance of factors that can influence concentration–response (C–R) functions; and
  • delivered standardized, periodic reports on the impact of air pollution on public health."
"This first HIA found that between 500 and 1,000 premature deaths could be postponed annually if, all other things being equal, short-term exposure to outdoor concentrations of PM10 were reduced by 5 μg/m3 in Apheis cities."

"Apheis also noted that, from a public health perspective, the health impact of daily exposure to air pollution in the long run is greater than the exposure to air pollution peaks"

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