Sunday, February 20, 2011

America's Most Toxic Cities

1030_toxic-cities_170x170America's Most Toxic Cities (interactive chart)

Phoenix and Chicago have the cleanest air; Austin TX and Miama the dirtiest

America's Most Toxic Cities (Forbes)

Key Quotes:

"In Atlanta, Ga., you'll find southern gentility, a world-class music scene--and 21,000 pounds of environmental waste"

"High population density--the contrast to Atlanta's sprawl--can be a good thing in terms of toxicity. Limiting traffic has helped urban centers like New York City.."

"Some cities, like Portland, Ore., have avoided becoming highly toxic by devoting city resources to environmentally friendly planning."

"a silver lining has emerged from the negative focus that one of the country's most toxic city has attracted: Houston, of all places, is now a vanguard for advancing sustainability..."We're now one of the favorite places in the world for doing air-quality science"
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