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Stockholm’s Congestion Pricing Trial

Municipalities of Metropolitan Stockholm
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Facts and results from the Stockholm Trials (160 page pdf, Congestion Charge Secretariat, City of Stockholm, Dec. 2006)

Also discussed here: Evaluation of Stockholm’s Congestion Pricing The Stockholm congestion charging trial- what happened? (38 page pdf, Expert Group Summary,  Congestion Charge Secretariat, City of Stockholm, Dec. 2006)

And here: Effects On Air Quality And Health (62 page pdf, Congestion Charge Secretariat, City of Stockholm, Oct. 2006)

Key Quotes:

“The goals of the trial:

- A 10-15 per cent reduction in the number of vehicles that cross the innercity segment

- Improved access on the busiest roads in Stockholm traffic.

- Reduced emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particles

- Better street-level environment perceived by people”

“As the reduction in traffic took place in densely populated areas, the reduction – mainly of particles – brought a major health benefit to the county as a whole.“

“The major winners in the Stockholm Trial were professional and service road-users, who made substantial travel time savings that were worth more than the congestion tax they paid.“

“Traffic volumes also decreased a long way from the charge zone. This means that several of the feared “side effects” – such as negative impact on suburban link roads – did not materialise“

“The amount of emissions caused by traffic depends on total VKD and emission factors..the emissions of different substances from each vehicle per kilometer driven … The drop in carbon dioxide is approximately in proportion with the reduction in VKD.. the contribution from traffic in the county has been reduced by 2-3 per cent, and in the inner city by about 14 per cent…Total particle emissions have fallen by about the same amount as traffic volumes, but .. where these emissions decrease is of primary importance”
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