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Air Pollution - Health Effects Methodology

Air pollution
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Case-Crossover Analysis of Air Pollution Health Effects: a Systematic Review of Methodology and Application (47 page pdf, Environ Health Perspect, 31 March 2010)

Key Quotes:

“systematic review of case-crossover (CCO) designs used to study the relationship between air pollution and morbidity and mortality, from the standpoint of methodology and of application..first systematic review to cover the application of case-crossover designs to the study of the health effects of air pollution.“

“The dependent variables most frequently analyzed were those relating to hospital morbidity, while the pollutants most studied were those linked to particulate matter.“

“The papers published by Lee et al. (1999) and Neas et al. (1999) were the first studies to report the relationship between air pollution and mortality, using a CCO design. These studies performed a re-analysis of the effects of air pollution and mortality in the cities of Philadelphia and Seoul, respectively, obtaining a relationship that proved statistically significant.“

“The use of CCO designs has undergone considerable growth, with the most widely used designs being those that yield better results in simulation studies, namely, symmetric bidirectional and time-stratified CCO”
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