Friday, February 11, 2011

Bert Brunekreef

Dr A.H. Heineken Prize for Environmental Sciences 2008

Key Quotes from Presentation Speech :

"Bert Brunekreef was awarded the prize for his environmental epidemiological research into air pollution and health."

"“I have been inspired since the mid-1970s by the relationship between environmental factors and public health. This relationship had been exaggerated, underestimated, ignored, denied and incorrectly represented at various times by various parties. The environmental epidemiologist’s job is to offer society a solid scientific basis for setting priorities in pollution reduction.”

"you investigated the impact of air pollution on children’s health, demonstrating with your highly precise epidemiological studies that air pollution does indeed have a huge effect on public health, both indoors and in urban outdoor environments."

"Your research paved the way for the first Air Quality Standard for PM10 (fine particle pollution) by the US Environmental Protection Agency, and it forms the basis for European Union legislation in that area."

See also An INTERVIEW with Prof. Dr. Bert Brunekreef

Key Quote:

"Prof. Dr. Bert Brunekreef's most-cited paper with 128 cites to date: Brunekreef, B., Dockery D.W., and Krzyzanowski, M., "Epidemiologic studies on short-term effects of low levels of major ambient air pollution components,"  (Environ. Health Perspect. 103: 3-13, Suppl. 2, March 1995)" which may be downloaded here: Epidemiologic Studies on Short-Term Effects of Low Levels of Major Ambient Air Pollution Components (11 page pdf)
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