Friday, February 11, 2011

Case-Crossover Analysis

Case-Crossover Analysis of Air Pollution Health Effects: A Systematic Review of Methodology and Application (10 page pdf, Environ Health Perspect 118:1165-1172, 01 August 2010)

This article contains an extensive literature review of a technique that will advance the study of short term links between air pollution and health.

Key Quotes:

systematic review of case-crossover (CCO) designs used to study the relationship between air pollution and morbidity and mortality, from the standpoint of methodology and application”

“propose a new model that integrates the toxicology and infectious disease paradigms to facilitate improved collaboration and communication by providing a framework for interdisciplinary research. Pathogens should be included in environmental health research planning and funding allocation, as well as in applications such as surveillance and policy development.”

“The first epidemiologic studies on the impact of air pollution on health were undertaken as a consequence of the extreme pollution episodes that took place in the decades from 1930 to 1960 “

“This is the first systematic review to cover the application of CCO designs to the study of the health effects of air pollution. Use of CCO designs has risen steeply in recent years and from 2003 in particular, reaching a peak in 2006.”

“In studies that use the CCO design to analyze the relationship between air pollution and health, the most frequently used exposure is that of hospital admissions. .. The type of pollutant most fre­quently analyzed with CCO designs is air­borne particulates,”
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