Thursday, February 10, 2011

Modelling Energy Use in Cities

Urban Form, Behavior Energy Modeling in China: Sim City for Real? (Green Flow, Feb. 16, 2010)
The application of urban simulation modelling to the development of new cities in China and an assessment of energy, water and emissions over varying conditions of time of year permits urban planners to find solutions that reduce pollution, while optimizing the resources needed to run the cities.

Key Quotes:
“One of the great challenges in urban planning and green building has been material life cycle energy use”
“myriad consequences on life-cycle energy use that arise from commuting and transit choices, food and product consumption, and building heating or cooling.”
“has integrated building life-cycle assessment (LCA) and urban form agent-based modeling tools to capture embodied, operational and behavioral aspects of urban form energy use and emissions”
“Simulations ran through the four seasons, showing cumulative energy use based on household and individual appliance and transportation use, showing cars or buses shuttling between supermarkets, offices, schools and the Lu Jing Superblock”

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