Friday, February 11, 2011

Redesign of Lansdowne Park- Ottawa

Update - May 27, 2010 (7 min video)

Conceptual Drawings of Lansdowne Park

- some ideas to improve the central park in downtown Ottawa, making use of the historic Rideau Canal at bottom of picture

- it allows for commercial uses that would provide revenue to the City to build a new stadium and restore greenspace to an area that now is almost completely paved over with a facility that is literally falling apart and is largely unused because of the lack of a major league football team

- more importantly, the plan would  reinvigorate one of the City's prime urban neighbourhoods (the Glebe) in a manner that sustains the natural environment through its use of the canal,  greening of much of the asphalt pavement and expanded use of transit to avoid or deter traffic from this area

The complete 68 page plan may be downloaded from this site

Lansdowne Partnership Plan – The Transformation of Lansdowne Park


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