Monday, March 24, 2014

Marketing the Environment

Amanda Little
Amanda Little (Photo credit: ChimpLearnGood)
Want everyone else to buy into environmentalism? Never say “Earth” ( Heather Smith, Grist, Mar. 12, 2014)

Also discussed here: No, we’re not “environmentalists.” It’s more complicated than that

Key Quotes: 

 “People working in the nonprofit world sometimes have trouble adopting a marketing mindset....But in the end, the goal is for people to ‘buy’ our ideas — ideas for a better world.”” 

“If you look at the budgets of environmental groups, only teeny tiny portions are spent on communications. And if you remove the portions spent on building membership and fundraising, it’s even less….foundations that support environmental groups don’t tend to value communications, either.” 

“in communications, only simplicity works. Our side doesn’t like simplicity because they view it as manipulative or not capturing the truth. Without simplicity, people don’t remember anything.”

 “too much of the public thinks that environmentalists are people who care about the environment and not about people. So the environment has become a thing apart.” 

“we think because we’ve said something, know something, or done something, that everybody else knows it. We don’t realize the bubble we live in. It’s only when you’ve said something so many times that you’re utterly and completely sick of it that someone has even heard it.”
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