Friday, May 4, 2012

Intelligent Parking Rates and Pricing

The Future of Intelligent Parking (Nate Berg, The Atlantic Cities, Mar. 23, 2012) Also discussed here: San Francisco Pilot Parking Program Watched By Other Cities (Irwin Dawid, Planetizen, Mar.21, 2012)

Today we review another article on the expanded use of smart parking meters and parking systems which began in San Francisco and now is being tested with pilots in a number of American cities: Boston, Fort Worth, New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C, and Indianapolis.  

Key Quotes:

  “wirelessly connected networks of sensors and computer systems that accurately track the availability of parking spaces and enable variable pricing that changes with demand”

“The goal of intelligent parking systems:
  • to know where parking is available and to let the driver know as well, making it easier for cars to find their way into parking spots.
  • to understand just where parking is in demand and when. For cities, this information can be extremely useful..Parking is generally the second or third largest source of revenue for a city”
“San Francisco recently became the first major city to act…On-street parking spaces and city-owned garages are equipped with meters so the city can track occupancy rates and adjust pricing throughout the day”

 “ExpressPark [in Los Angeles] will be linked up with the mobile phone drivers to nearby parking options, with details about pricing, availability of spaces and even deals offered by parking facilities. The app also allows users to re-up their meters or set timers"
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