Tuesday, October 13, 2015

How do Impacts of Traffic-Related Air Pollution on Health Change?

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Repeated measures of inflammation, blood pressure, and heart rate variability associated with traffic exposures in healthy adults (12 page pdf, Jaime E. Mirowsky, Richard E. Peltier, Morton Lippmann, George Thurston, Lung-Chi Chen, Lucas Neas, David Diaz-Sanchez, Robert Laumbach, Jacqueline D. Carter and Terry Gordon. Environmental Health, Aug. 15, 2015) 

Key Quotes: 

 “the present study extends the previous literature of measuring short-term adverse health effects associated with microenvironmental exposures to traffic-related air pollutants” 

“In the healthy participants in this study, acute exposures to traffic pollutants elicited cardiovascular and inflammatory changes that were most strongly associated with PM 2.5 EC [Elemental carbon] and OC[Organic carbon]” 

“the current study supports results in the literature regarding traffic-related pollutants and their impact on HRV [Heart rate variability] endpoints, but the BP [Blood pressure] measurements found in this study are in contrast to previously published work.” 

“we have shown that in our study population of 23 subjects, acute physiological and biological changes can occur in a healthy population following a 2 h walking exposure to near-walkway traffic” 

“Associations were found between increases in markers of inflammation in the blood and decreases in heart rate variability with increasing concentrations of EC. Overall, acute changes in cardiovascular measurements and markers of inflammation in the blood were observed in healthy adults exposed to traffic-related pollution.”

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