Monday, July 7, 2014

How Congested with Traffic are Canadian Cities?

TomTom Americas Traffic Index (74 page pdf, TomTom, Jun. 3, 2014)

Also discussed here: TomTom Live Traffic And here: Vancouver home to worst gridlock in Canada (CTV News, Jun. 3, 2014)

Today we review the latest report on Traffic Congestion by the GPS-maker, TomTom. The three worst cities in Canada are Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa where the average driver with a 30 minute commute encounters as much as 87 hours of delay each year. TomTom also produces real-time, live traffic congestion maps, such as the one shown below for Ottawa during the morning rush hour. The reddened areas indicate where there is a need for congestion charging to lower and redistribute peak traffic flow away from these road segments.

congestion Ottawa 

Key Quotes:

“A new study is out suggesting Vancouver is the worst city in Canada for gridlock…. the average person experiences 87 hours of delay time a year, based on a 30 minute daily commute.. After Vancouver…the most congested cities in Canada are Toronto, then Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, Quebec City and Edmonton.”

“Moscow tops the international list, followed by Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Palermo, Warsaw, Rome, Los Angeles and Dublin.”

“The methodology… measures travel times during the whole day and during peak periods and compares these with measured travel times during non-congested periods(free flow). The difference is expressed as a total average percentage increase in travel time…As well as assigning and ranking the overall congestion level of over 180 cities on different continents, the report evaluates the congestion levels at different times of the day and on different days of the week”

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