Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Noise as a Sustainable Energy Source for Buildings

Urban Transducer Skyscraper gets powered by noise (EcoFriend, July 19, 2010)

Also discussed here: The Urban Transducer Skyscraper Produces Energy from Noise Pollution (Evolo, Apr. 14, 201)

Today’s review article describes a building that works in the opposite direction to most in the urban core by capturing energy from noise, instead of using energy for heating or cooling-  and making noise in the process

Key Quotes:

“One of the most prevalent forms of pollution in cities comes from noise”

“The designers have proposed a sustainable skyscraper for Chicago that can be powered by renewable energy including noise.”

“In order to capture the maximum amount of energy from noise, the screen system uses acoustic panels that are adjusted to react to specific wavelengths of present frequencies. The Urban Transducer also has the ability to remember the most commonly occurring frequencies and their locations, allowing it to preemptively adjust in order to produce maximum efficiency

“micro wind turbines have also been integrated throughout the skyscraper, with a majority of turbines being concentrated in areas of greatest efficiency – on the top of the tower, along the train tracks and above the roads”

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